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About our Mission Trips

In 1984 a call went out for volunteers to go to Bethel, Alaska to help build a Seminary building.  Bethel is fairly remote at about 500 miles west of Anchorage located on the Kuskokwim river.  You arrive by air or sea only.  Cars can be transported by barge but there are no roads leading to the town.  Current day Bethel has a population of abut 6,500, but in 1984 it was smaller at around 3,500 residents.  Before the week was out eleven members of Union Cross Moravian Church had volunteered.  They were the last crew of 75 volunteers from the lower 48 states to serve during the three months of summer.  When they left the building was finished.

During the next 5 to 6 years, volunteers from Union Cross went to repair and paint properties owned by the Moravian Church in Bethel and volunteer at the Children’s Home.

In 1991 volunteers were called to help construct a new Sanctuary.  This took place over a period of seven years with several members of UCMC volunteering.  The Fellowship Hall (temporary sanctuary) was finished in time for Christmas Eve service in 1997.  The permeant Sanctuary was finished in time for Christmas Eve service in 1999.

Over many years 26 people volunteered from Union Cross Moravian Church multiple times in Bethel Alaska.

In 2006 a mission team when to Ray of Hope Orphanage located in Shimba Hills (near Mombasa) Kenya Africa.  Their mission was to help address needs with their preschool/primary school, the clinic, an agricultural project and early childhood development.


In recent years we have volunteered several times in North Carolina.  In 1999 and 2000 in Eastern North Carolina and most recently through the Laurel Ridge Mission Camp program in Western North Carolina.  These missions were to assist people with projects that they may not be able to manage due to illness or other reasons.

Your purchases help to continue our missions and help others in need.  Thank You!

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